A-Level and B-Level People

Wow, just read this really awsome article over at The Wall Street Journal titled Management à la Google, and it has probably one of the best paragraphs I’ve read in a long time. From the article:

It understands that companies begin to slide into mediocrity when they start to hire mediocre people. A-level people want to work with A-level people. B-level people are threatened by class-A talent. So if you let a B-lister in the door, he or she will hire equally unremarkable colleagues. As the ranks of the mediocre expand, it becomes harder to attract and retain the exceptional. The process of dumbing down becomes irreversible.

I guarantee, whoever wrote that, is definitely not getting paid enough.

The Dark Storm Passes

I took a tremendous hit. It hurt. ALOT. I haven’t been hurt like that in a long time.

But I’m a little better now. I’ve dusted myself off, and decided not to give up. That’s all I really want to say about that for now.

Actually, the reason I’m feeling alot better is because I’ve finally figured out why my programs have been going awry for the last two days. Turns out that when you use nasm to output a flat binary file, it defaults to writing code for a 16-bit platform by default. Thus, you need to use the BITS directive to get nasm to write code for a 32-bit platform. Thus, your .asm file should start with:


I’d almost be pissed that I wasted two days on such a simple problem, but a. It works, and now I can move on, and b. I haven’t read the nasm manual (pdf), so this might actually be my fault.

Darts, Darts, Darts!

So even though today was a pretty horrible work day, I still managed to get in what was easily the most unbelievable darts match I’ve ever had against my boss.

In the first leg, I was just absolutely crushing the boards, probably averaging something like 50 points a turn. I stepped up to the oche with 79 left. Threw my first dart, *bam* 19. Threw my second dart, *bam* 20. Then I threw my last dart, and just like a dream, I nicked the bottom left hand corner of the double top! I had to do a double take just to be sure, but I had done it! I threw a perfect checkout with 79 points left! Without a doubt, the highest checkout I’ve ever had to date!

Of course, my boss isn’t one to lie down for me, so in the second leg, my boss steps up to the oche with 92 remaining. First dart, *bam* treble 20. Second dart, *bam* double 16! So not only did he just get a higher checkout, he did it in fewer darts!

The last leg we played (best of 3) was a little anti-climactic, but I still managed to pull out a nice win, with a checkout on double 17 (after 2 darts). Seriously, this was without a doubt, the most unbelievable darts match we had ever had. Normally, we spend our last 10 or 20 turns fighting over the double 1, but this time, we actually looked like halfway decent professionals! PDC here we come!

Insane Monday

Here’s a quick roundup of folks who possess what some might call an absolutely insane amount of talent (all safe for work):

  • Ever try juggling? How about juggling to music?
  • I used to think I was pretty good at pool. Then I saw this guy.
  • Basketball was never my thing, but then again, I never tried to take it to this level.
  • And finally, here’s a kid who I’m pretty sure is a free runner, but either way, he’s still better than I’ll ever be.

[found via Break.com]